Women’s Fashion Tops for Those Hot 2017 Summer Days

by Fashion ZuluMarch 10, 20170 comments

Summer is just around the corner and with that comes new fashion trends and the continuation of some of the styles that always seem to be hot and in style for the warm summer months just ahead. Tops, blouses and t-shirt styles are usually the trend setters in wearing apparel. It’s what you wear above the waist that seems to be most noticeable in the world of fashion. There are a number of new styles and fabrics for summer 2017 on the market today and some of the basics that have been around for awhile will continue to be worn by the fashion smart consumer. Here are some ideas on what you can expect to see in women’s tops, blouses and t-shirts in the upcoming hot summer days.

Some of the hot fabrics in women’s tops for summer will be light and airy like your gauzes, georgettes, light-weight cottons, seersucker, linen etc. Most of these fabrics have been basics for hot summer days for a number of years but they have been incorporated into the newest and latest fashion trends for summer 2017. The key for summer 2017 is the style created with these fabrics. Cotton knits are a staple in the line of tee-shirts. Some of the manufactures add spandex, polyester and other blends to their fabrics to make them more easy care, easy wear and fashion smart.

For summer 2017 you can expect to see lots of color and bold prints in your blouses. Animal prints, florals, paisleys, geometrics, and polka dots as well as your softer tones of blues, greens, yellows and pinks will be hot in your “not so basic blouse”. The fashion smart lady will find lots of fullness, longer lengths, and soft gathers in the line of blouses for the summer season. These blouse styles can be worn by almost any woman, no matter her size.

In tee-shirts you will find embellishments like beads, lace trims, fringe etc. Some of the hot styles will be semi fitted with soft gathering, similar to your lines of some of the summer blouses. Bright colors like fuchsia, oranges, lime green and also prints will be dominate in fashion savvy tee-shirts in summer 2017.

Longer tunic lengths in blouses and tops will be seen cinched at the waist with a belt or just worn loose and flowy. These will be especially stylish worn with leggings, which look to be a hot fashion trend in bottoms in summer 2017.

The lightweight blouse in either a print or solid with a tank or tee-shirt underneath will continue to be popular. This style of fashion in tops isn’t really that new, but always seems to be a hit in the line blouses and will be no exception in summer 2017 either. Look for your linens and linen blends in this style of the summer blouse, as well as soft fabrics like gauzes and georgettes.

Sleeve interest makes a fashion statement this coming summer also, I have noticed. Puffy, gathered sleeves, smocking at the sleeve, lace edging and even a little fringe at the hem of the sleeve will all be hot in summer 2017.

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends in your summer tops, blouses and tee-shirts or you just prefer the basics, keep the comfort factor in mind in whatever style you choose. It is readily available in any number of these fashions for summer 2017. If it’s comfortable and you feel stylish in it, then it’s probably for you.

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