Women’s 2017 Fashion

by Fashion ZuluJanuary 13, 20170 comments

At the time of cold and snow, what’s more fun than thinking about the sun, holidays and summer? History to have a head start, here are the trends in spring and summer 2017. Thus, during the sales, you can shopper at prices of madness Articles light for the summer. Here are the various currents for this spring summer 2017:

The hippie chic will continue to invade our wardrobes. The combination will be a must have for this summer is the best style mecano large and wide. The court will be present for the spring summer 2017: choose the combishort, an excellent compromise between the two trends. The poncho short add a nice side to your summer evenings. The colors are natural tendency as earth, sand, forest green, gray pebble, the chocolate, and dark blue sky and the pink powder. Black and white are indémodables.

The length dresses decreases. The ultra-lightweight materials will be almost transparent to the honor. The ideal length is above the knee or mid thigh. The must-have is the red dress flying.
In the bottom trousers Sarouel or carrot: crotch down, tightened down, legs wide will be indispensable. However, all forms of trousers are allowed: slim, man, flare, right.

The shoulders will be developed through jackets with the extended middle goldorak style and your grandchildren will have a high armhole well wide with bat sleeves. The leather is essential for the freshness of spring.

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