Women Fashion Tips – How to Achieve the Paint Splatter Look the Right Way

by Fashion ZuluJanuary 27, 20170 comments

Spring/Summer 2017 is all about being bold and coming across as unique. Women fashion has been transitioning from one end to the other at quite a rapid pace and it would continue to do so. A change in the season means a change in wardrobe for quite a lot of women around the world who only want to be seen sporting the best trendy clothes in accordance to the current trends in the world. This spring, the trends include the boy shorts, boyfriend blazers, the military look and the paint splattered look along with the ripped jeans.

The Paint Splatter Look – Splatter Clothes

This year fashion designer clothes are featuring quite a lot of paint splatter which range from apparel to accessories and shoes. Artisans are trying to create the most whacky, original and unique looks that can make any woman stand apart in a crowd. Designers like Proenza Schouler and Tory Burch recently showcased their collections featuring a lot of splatter paint pieces in the Fashion Week.

Although there are quite a lot of fashion designers that do provide paint splatter clothes, it is also possible for you to create the look on your own at home. You can go through your closet and try to put in some color into the existing items in your wardrobe. Add vibrant shades to your wardrobe and you can look trendy in a matter of moments. When it comes to this particular look, imperfections are actually cool.

Paint Splatter at Home

You can splatter paint your clothes as well as your own shoes at home. If you are planning to create trendy clothes by splatter paining them at home, you would have to ensure that you cover the surrounding areas in order to protect it from paint.

Splatter Jeans

The best thing to do is to transform a pair of old jeans to splatter jeans. Get a few paint brushes from an art supply or a hardware store. You would also need some fabric paint which is available at all craft stores. Classic skinny jeans work best for this look. Cover the surrounding areas with a drop cloth or a newspaper and lay down the jeans flat on the surface. Brush random paint strokes on your jeans. Use your hand and your paintbrush to gently flick the paint splotches and spots to blend it with the strokes. Once done, allow it to completely dry out before you wear them.

Splatter Painting Your Shoes

To complete the look, you can also transform a pair of sneakers or oxfords by splatter painting them. You would need some paint brushes, paints like samples or acrylic from any paint store. Remove the shoelaces before you begin and stuff the shoes with newspapers. Brush random paint strokes on the shoes and use your hand and paintbrush to flick the paint spots and to blend in the different strokes. Allow the shoes to dry.

Paint splattering can transform any pair of old jeans into trendy clothes in a matter of minutes so you can look trendy for spring 2017.

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