Fashion for Petite Women: Tips to Improve Length

by Fashion ZuluFebruary 24, 20170 comments

Petite women often have a difficult time finding fashionable clothing that does not emphasize their lack of height. While many fashion designers are now creating apparel specifically for the petite woman, it can still be a challenge to get exactly the right look. Luckily, there are several things petite women can do to give their body a longer appearance. Vertical stripes or patterns and the proper belt height can make a significant visual difference. Here are three fashion tips for petite women.

Fashion for petite women tip #1: Vertical stripes and patterns

Generally, women under 5’3″ are considered petite by the fashion industry. No matter what your body shape, from stocky to thin, your main fashion goal is to give the appearance of more length. Horizontal stripes are usually a bad fashion choice for petite women because they emphasize the body’s width and no length. Choose vertical stripes instead to extend the length of your appearance. Even a simple pinstripe on the side on a dress can have a significant visual effect. Depending on the angle, diagonal stripes can also have a lengthening effect for petite women. The same principles apply when choosing patterned clothing. Look for patterns that have a vertical emphasis instead of wide themes such as large floral prints. Long flowers with stems can work well as a vertical fashion accent for petite women.

Fashion for petite women tip #2: Do not visually cut your body in half

You should also avoid visually cutting your body in half at the waist. This will only accentuate your shorter legs and petite size. Look for clothing that emphasizes length instead of width. The easiest way to prevent this visual cut-off is just to wear the same color on top and bottom so there is no line. Whether you choose one color or two, try to stick to dark colors as these have a lengthening, slimming effect. Never mix solid colors with printed material as this will serve to cut your appearance in two because of the contrast.

Fashion for petite women tip #3: Choosing a belt

Petite women often have the most fashion difficulty with the position of their belt. Obviously, wearing the belt at the waistline will cut your body right in half visually. To avoid this, shift the position of the belt so it either hangs low on the hips or is higher, up under the bust. Experiment with different belt widths and buckle sizes to find the most flattering combination. The right belt and position can go a long way to correcting many of the fashion problems plaguing petite women.

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