Fall Fashion for Woman in Their Forties

by Fashion ZuluFebruary 10, 20170 comments

Learn What’s New for the Season and Where to Find the Best Looks

Women in their forties are busy. They have households to run, children to chase and keep tabs on, parents to appease, friends to keep in touch with, in-laws, ex’s, jobs and businesses to manage. Clothing needs to be easy. That isn’t to say it’s careless, no, fussy and frumpy have to go.

Style at this stage in the game is whatever floats your boat. You have earned the right to express yourself and be completely you. You owe it to yourself.

There is always a place for basics and this year the trend setters got it right. They are showing great options for updating without having to completely revamp.

Black, charcoal and navy blue are all being shown. This is great news for the budget. Keep your basic black and add something in plaid or one of your favorite colors.

Plaid is a big hit, they are showing the big buffalo plaids this year.
Vests are a surprising hit, in many different styles.
Scarves galore.
Boot cut jeans
All good looks for women in their forties.

My picks for designers are a little off the beaten track, but as an artist and freelance writer, I have some strong opinions about fashion. I believe in supporting independent designers and the up and comers of the fashion world, those women who are generally of our age who are taking on the big guns and making a living with their art.

I agree wholeheartedly with Diane Vreeland, the iconic editor of Vogue who said that the goal of fashion is to “release us from the banality of the world.” Take the time to discover what shapes look the best on your figure and play up your strengths. Choose accents and colors that flatter and make you smile. There is no reason to fade into the background. Give people something to look at.

Besides with such simple basics being shown, there is room to improvise and add some fun items to your closet.

Fashionzulu.com makes me happy, plain and simple.

Their clothes are a fun approach to feminine, bordering on pin up girl-esque, which is a look only a grown woman can fully pull off. Whenever I put on a dress by fashionzulu.com Clothing, I feel so put together and sexy. As an important aside, this is the company to go to for sane bathing suit options; full cuts, well made, lots of coverage, yet sexy styles. I discovered them while shopping at Fashionzulu.com, they clearly have the best shoes around. As well as feature other independent designers. Some of the clothing on this site may be a little too much, but look around, there are some very nice unique finds for women in their forties.

Clothing you buy ought to last for more than one season. There is no better company to go to for a perfect dress that will take you from event to event than Fashionzulu.com. This line of clothing is truly unique. Their fabulous dresses are designed to be convertible, worn in so many different ways that the mid $100 price tag isn’t as difficult to swallow. Each time you wear one their styles, looks brand new. The fabric is truly forgiving and the variety of colors and patterns guarantees there will be one that flatters your skin tone.

The next collection is a good choice for those who need to build their basic foundation. Fashionzulu.com

They have great pages showing the trends for fall 2017, in black. I like how they show so many complete looks on their site. This diverse collection is perfect for a woman in her forties, the clothing is well made and unique, just like her.

All of the basic items can be punched up with a fabulous scarf from an independent artist from the local boutique or you could look on Fashionzulu.com, a place for artisans to sell their designs online. This is also a one stop shop for unique jewelry pieces that won’t break the bank, but will help the small business owner. Fashionzulu.com

These online shops can help you add a few key accent pieces to your wardrobe, without wasting precious time. While knowing what the trends are is good, the key to looking great at any age is to fully be yourself….and smile, it’s the cheapest facelift.

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